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Amazon Synopsis:

A house is one of those things in life that you wish came with an owner's manual. Things break, spring leaks, and sometimes just need to be properly maintained, but you usually have to consult a separate guide for each issue. Not any longer. The Homeowner's Manual will help you get acquainted with your home and assist you in making decisions regarding maintenance and repair. Illustrations and a knowledgeable author will not only cover the basics from A to Z, but will also provide you with safety tips on how to: Protect your home from severe weather damageWhat equipment to install for fire and carbon monoxide detectionDrills to conduct with your familyAn easy-to-follow seasonal checklist lays out to-do items so that you can stay on top of home maintenance even when you're at your busiest. From appliances to pools to landscaping to walls, The Homeowner's Manual covers it all!


Amazon Synopsis:

"Can I paint my kitchen countertop?" "How do I stop that annoying drip in the faucet?" "Is there an easier way to fix a cracked tile?" As the host of DIY Network's popular viewer call-in show "TALK2DIY Home Improvement," professional carpenter Lynda Lyday guides viewers through hundreds of fix-it projects. Now, Lynda has created an easy, accessible, room-by-room guide to the most common home repair and improvement projects that she gets asked about on her show. She shares her expert techniques, along with fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions, so just about anyone can learn to get a job done right--in less time and for less money! Lynda teaches homeowners to use every tool--from paintbrushes to power tools--to complete essential projects such as: - installing cabinets and countertops- fixing cracks and scratches- repairing or installing flooring- replacing light fixtures- hanging drywall- defrosting frozen pipes.

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